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Contact Information: Location, Privacy, Spam

An e-mail address is one thing you do Not want the search to find with ease.

Of course you want to give your viewers a way to send email. Making it easy to click open a direct e-mail form also makes it easy for the address to be harvested by sinister crawlers seeking spam targets. It is a good idea to have an e-mail address that is just for your web mail. It can be set up so the website mail is forwarded to your primary e-mail. And, there are ways to have your e-mail address viewable on your webpage but less attractive to search. Like:

webmail (at symbol) actualart .biz (no spaces)

or make have an image of the address. The compromise, it is not quite as easy as just a  click open pre-addressed e-mail compose window. More and more we are seeing sites that use forms for mail. What is worse, having to key in an address or fill out a form? What would your audience rather do?

If you are comfortable with publicity and advertising you may see the public space of the internet as a great way to get your message out. Yet, if you see going online as a bit scary, it can be, but relax.  Just think about going online like going out. It is always potentially dangerous to go out in public and most of us still sometimes go out.  Look both ways before crossing the street. Pay attention to the road while driving and keep an eye out for potential hazards. Chances are you will survive and get where you want to go.

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