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A Do It Yourself Website Option

I just tested the google site option and created the page


This is an example of a simple way to build your own site with a google account.

Your layout and editing choices are limited but it doesn’t take long to find your way around the options.

If you have no budget, it is worth checking into the google options. You might also see if your service provider offers web space.

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How to View the Source Code of a Web Page

You might want to view the source code of a web page, for fun.  If you are learning about websites you might want to look at source code. The source code can show interesting things about a web page. It can reveal how your page looks to the machines.

To find the page source: When you have an open browser click on View on your top menu bar. The option to view the page source is at the bottom of the list, after the Zoom options. Different browsers use slightly different names for the source code.

  • Firefox: View > Page Source
  • Safari:  View > View Source
  • Chrome:  View > Developer > View Source
  • Opera: View > Developer Tools > View Source

Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer are Browsers.
w3schools Browser Statistics


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Hello world!

There are various ways to have a blog and link it to your main site.

You can use a free blog server or one that is included in the service that hosts your site. This is a WordPress blog. When you begin a WordPress blog the default greeting is “Hello world!” So, Hello world!

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